Friday, November 13, 2009

Where is Your Favorite Natural Spot to Take Guests?

Roosevelt Island on ThanksgivingWe've got family coming for Thanksgiving. They love to hike (they raised us well). And, since they've been visiting us in the DC area for many years, we've taken them to all our favorite hiking spots. So we thought we'd throw the question out there to you: what's your favorite place to take out-of-town guests at this time of year? We'll round up your answers (and our own) in a post in time for Thanksgiving.

Photo of Roosevelt Island on Thanksgiving 2007 is by Michael Foley Photography; click to go to his page on Flickr.


Brent said...

The National Arboretum is seriously underrated, especially for a quick getaway. Often when we have guests we seem to be very busy, so its easy to run over to the Arboretum and squeeze in some time outside without having to slog through local highway traffic. It's especially good if you have folks who aren't regular hikers because you can do a very short walk or a longer one if folks are feeling up to it.

Of course, we live 5 minutes away so it is even more convenient for us - I imagine people in NW DC do the same thing with nearby portions of Rock Creek Park.

Anonymous said...

We love the Arboretum too. Another, even more underrated, spot is Turkey Run. The ride up GW Parkway is rarely a slog, in contrast to other local highways.

Tom said...

Fern Valley at the Arboretum has a extensive planted streamside of native flora with identification nameplates. So whether it's Black Cohosh (Cimicifuga racemosa) you're looking for, or Bloodroot (Sanguninaria candensis), or you'd like to be able to tell them apart, Fern Valley is the place to check out!

Jennifer said...

Our family always takes a hike before we stuff ourselves with turkey. Last year, it was on the Cabin John trail between River and Bradley. This year, not sure yet, maybe our most favorite trail close to the house, the Rachel Carson Trail off Rt. 29 in Silver Spring. Above and below the fall line (and dam) are fantastic to hike with kids.

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