Thursday, February 11, 2010


We were going to tell you about skunk cabbage this week, because we saw them blooming about this time last year. But even with their ability to generate their own heat, it may take a little while for them to melt their way through all this snow. (More on that later.)

Our world is transformed. What have you seen? Leave us your stories, or links to your pictures, in the comments section!


squirrel tracks in snow

street in the snow

wren eating walnut in the snow


Also see:
Our pictures from last week of the Northwest Branch in the snow.
Lists of sledding hills in the DC area: Washington Family;

All pictures by the Natural Capital. Click on any of them to go to the photo's page on Flickr.


mattandeliz said...

More snow predicted for Monday/Tuesday?

Gene Koo said...

I found this headline particularly amusing. "LOOK FOR: Snow." This has been, by far, the easiest of the "LOOK FOR" series to accomplish. Turn my head, look out the window: DONE!

Seriously, though, I was reflecting on how differently the snow affects us wheel-dependent homo automobilis types, versus, say, the bird in that great photo you posted. Foraging, I'm sure, is now a disaster for some of them - but at least most are probably pretty mobile, unlike us.

Anonymous said...

I've actually been surprised to see seeds scattered on the snow -- tulip poplar and sycamore, mostly. So the foraging isn't a total bust. But we also saw birds trying to forage in the tiny, snowless patch of ground behind our rain barrels, so it can't be all good either.

Lisa M said...

Photographer Bob Quinn of Virginia posted some nice backyard "blizzard bird" photos

MJ said...

Not sure if you have seen this lovely short film taken February 6 around Columbia Heights: . Instant smile maker. :)

Elizabeth @ the Natural Capital said...

Love the video and the photos. Thanks guys for the links.

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