Friday, January 14, 2011


Tomorrow morning, before it gets up to 40 degrees and the world turns into a mud pie, head out to your favorite body of water and check out the ice.

Here are some pictures from a hike today at Scott's Run. Other good spots to check out: Rock Creek Park, Great Falls, Turkey Run, the Northwest Branch...what's your favorite spot when the world is frozen?


Anonymous said...

Beautiful pics! I ride the Metro over the Potomac every day on the way to work and always love seeing the ice in the winter.

gwadzilla said...

my grade school age kids love to break the ice...
well... they are boys
it is part of their genetic coding

the other day after school I treated Thursday afternoon like Friday afternoon and planned something that would not conflict with the notion of homework

I grabbed my two boys and one friend for each and we left off for an urban hike on one of the legs of the Melvin Hazen

we brought water and Cliff Bars for a after school snack and fuel for hiking

we took the trail up and the creek bed back
the boys threw rocks and broke the ice at various sections as we walked

I coached the boys on common sense
trying not to be too much the "hover parent" I did not say no to everything
just tried to keep them out of danger's way

I must have missed an order to "be careful... "
my son slipped on a patch of ice... then a few minutes later his buddy Gareth slipped on that same patch of ice
only the world slipped out from under Gareth when Grant was able to catch himself

the smugness of my interoducing this Tom Sawyer Huck Finn experience was erased
we moved from pleasure hike to forced march
Gareth had fallen in the water up to his knees... he was out of the water as quickly as he fell in

we moved quickly and got him home and into some dry close

there was not much complaining... but there was a good lesson learned

good times for sure!

Elizabeth | The Natural Capital said...

gwadzilla, glad you ended up feeling like that was good times...your boys will probably never forget to be careful around the ice again! I definitely have to censor myself from constantly telling my husband to be more careful around the ice - he's never grown out of that fascination.

Meg said...

When I don't have to walk on it, I love watching ice accumulate all over town! I got up early today to snap some photos of us on the trees outside my office. Very pretty.

Elizabeth | The Natural Capital said...

When I wrote this post I had no idea how much ice was in our future! It's not so much fun when it coats the sidewalks...Glad you got some good shots, Meg!

Lee Milverton said...

Beautiful photographs. Water, ice, snow, it's all very beautiful. Thanks for the tip!

Elizabeth | The Natural Capital said...

Thanks Lee -- can't wait to see what's in store for us tonight....

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