Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What's a great place to go hiking with kids?

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A friend asked us recently: he's got visitors with young kids coming, where's a good place to go hiking with them?

Obvious question, right? I mean, we write this blog and all. But I'll admit it: we are kid-challenged. We sometimes take our friends' kids hiking in some of our favorite places, but we don't do it often enough to know what their favorite places are. So we'll throw it open:

Are there any walks your kids just love?

And what makes a place great for hiking with kids?


Cherry Lane said...

I don't generally hike with kids, either, but I found this blog a while back, and recommended it to some friends with kids. They reported back that they found it very useful:

Cycle Jerk said...

Brookside Gardens in Wheaton is a family favorite. You can have a variety of different hikes there and always end up near the mini train. Also their nature center is very very cool.

Darcy said...

Huntley Meadows is wonderful and child-friendly - as are Long Branch Nature Center (great trails right there, one that leads to a park) - and Hidden Pond Nature Center (lots of trails and a great nature center, all stroller friendly) -
We also love the national arb - I hope this helps! My kids are 5, 4, and 1.5 and these are the places we like to go!

Chef Shannon said...

Our standard walk is the Northwest Branch Trail off Colesville Rd. I have 5 and 2 year-olds so we go to the mellower west side trail. The east side is fun, but involves some rock scrambling at the beginning (fine for the 5 yo but not for the 2 yo). The trail is great - it offers some terrain, different habitats (streamside woods and even Mountain Laurels) and you can do an easy loop. Added bonus: Trader Joe's is across the street!

We also like Wheaton Regional Park. We have also been amazed at how much we can see in the very small patches of woods near our home -for kids even a little bamboo grove can become a whole world.

Elizabeth | The Natural Capital said...

Thanks everybody -- all great places...keep em coming!

dcpatton said...

My eight year old loves Turkey Run. Also the boulder scrambling on the Billy Goat Trail is fun if they are old enough.

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