Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Is it time to reassess the Natural Capital Calendar?

UPDATE: I continue to be completely slammed at my "real" job, so I'm leaving this poll open a little while longer. Please give us feedback! The Natural Capital posts that you love will be back soon, I promise.

How do you use the Natural Capital calendar?

Which calendar items are you most interested in?

(folks reading in RSS and email: those two questions are polls...if you don't see them, come on over to our post and give us your answers!)

The last couple weeks have been a perfect storm of super-busy at my day job, plus amazing weather that has me doing anything but looking at a computer when I'm not at work. And I've fallen a little behind...okay, a lot behind... on keeping our nifty Natural Capital calendar up-to-date.

With all the great info people send me, I'm now up to over 50 organizations on my calendar list (see our calendar page). As much fun as I have seeing what everyone is up to, this has gotten way beyond what I'm able to do for fun, even when I'm not super-busy at work.

I'd love to ask the organizations or Natural Capital reader-volunteers to help put things on our calendar but I can't figure out how to set that up in Google Calendar (my current platform). Does anyone out there have any tech savvy ideas for how to set this up?

Any other ideas or feedback on our calendar? I'm all ears...


Lara Brown said...

I love the things to look for plants animals etc. Maybe that's not the calendar. I totally understand your dilemma. I don't really have any good ideas. Some of the groups I cordinate of are yahoo groups & others can post events that meet the guidelines. Is your calendar open to others to post?

Anonymous said...

I'd probably love the calendar feature if I were planning a trip to DC... mostly I don't do more than glance at it since I'm in NY. I use multiple Google calendars for personal and Scout group events. You should be able to invite people to share them so they can add their own events.

Margaret said...

I originally discovered your wonderful blog when you posted an Arlingtonians for a Clean Environment event (I'm ACE's former volunteer coordinator). Although I don't get out too much right now because I'm primary caregiver for my 94-year-old mother, I really enjoy seeing what is going on and learning new things about what is in season (plants, animals, good hikes), in the hopes I'll be able to participate in the future. Unfortunately, I don't have the tech smarts to offer a solution to having other people post events, so I'd understand perfectly if you decided not to keep up this time-intensive resource. I'll still keep enjoying all your informative posts.

Elizabeth | The Natural Capital said...

Thanks for the feedback. Somehow in changing the closing date on the poll I lost a big chunk of reponses, but the answers seem pretty consistent.

Stay tuned, and in the meantime you can use that list of organizations on the calendar page to find your own events.

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