Monday, August 22, 2011

Calendar: Bat Fest and Monarch Watch

Monarch Butterfly
photo credit: Timothy K Hamilton
Have any of you seen many monarchs this summer? We've usually got an aquarium full of caterpillars by this time of year, but our milkweed plants are empty and we've seen only a few adults all summer. You can try your luck at Gulf Branch Nature Center's Monarch Watch event on Sunday afternoon, where they'll grab and tag any monarchs that stop by their milkweed patch. $5. Register here.

There's also a monarch event for 5 to 12 year olds on Saturday at Brookside Nature Center: "We'll learn about monarchs, scout the meadow for them, and make a simple nectar feeder that may replenish them on their journey." $6.

Also Saturday: Bat Fest Arlington 2011, at Gulf Branch. "Enjoy a thoroughly batty evening and add to your knowledge of local night life at this bat conservation and appreciation program. See a presentation with live bats at 6:30. All other activities on-going: go on a walk to see bats flying and to hear their echolocation calls, learn about foods that are pollinated by bats, play bat games, make a bat craft, take a bat quiz or visit our bat art gallery, all while learning lots about our local furry bug zappers. Live bat shows will be presented by Leslie Sturges, Director of Bat World NOVA, an organization established in 2001 to promote the conservation and protection of bats in this region. Parking lot closed for program. Please park on Military Rd. or 36th Rd. N. No refund of registration fee after August 6." $7 for children 12 and under, $10 for adults. Register here.

There's more on our calendar. Enjoy!


Sarah Urdaneta said...

Over the last week or two I've seen quite a few monarchs at the historic gardens at Riversdale House Museum ( Plus many different swallowtails and other wondeful pollinators. So exciting!

Elizabeth | The Natural Capital said...

oh good, I'm glad the monarchs are visiting somebody's flowers! I know their habitat and food plants are shrinking both here and in Mexico where they spend the winter and every year it seems like we're seeing fewer of them.

Jorge Ribas said...

Finally found some monarch cats on my swamp milkweed last week - 4 total. They're gone now but I have two chrysalis nearby now (one on our gutter) so I'm assuming its the same ones. Strangely my butterflyweed has been completely absent of any cats. Last year I had about a dozen of them on there. Hopefully it's not a sign of worse to come.

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