Sunday, March 24, 2013

Restorying the Anacostia River

The Environmental Film Festival brought this short film to our attention. It makes the argument that to restore the Anacostia River, we have to "restory" the Anacostia River. Because really, what's the first word that most people would associate with the Anacostia?

You hear it in the first few seconds of the film: Nasty.

This film's opening argument resonated with me, as I have had many beautiful experiences along this struggling river.

What's your Anacostia story?

Upworthy style:
At 0:44, a beautiful, wild river.
At 1:10, Dennis Chestnut talks about the terrible reason he learned to swim in the Anacostia as a child.
At 1:57, a three-foot tide! It makes the Anacostia have more trouble flushing its system than the Potomac.
At 3:45, beautiful photos by Bruce McNeil.
At 6:02, something magical happens.
At 8:30, dreaming big.
At 9:00, go on a vacation and be back for dinner.


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