Blogs We Enjoy From Outside DC

Some other sites you might like if you like the Natural Capital.  Also see our list of local blogs.

Nature and Outdoors - General

Tree Notes: Excellent writing about various native tree species
The Backyard Arthropod Project: One guys' attempt to catalog the bugs in his yard.
Round Robin: A blog from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.
Cornell Mushroom Blog: "A place for fungi to share their stories."
A DC Birding Blog: Is now written from New Jersey, but is still about birds.
Jeffrey Gordon: photographs and blogs about birds from Delaware.
This Week at Hilton Pond: natural history from SC.
Birdchick: "You can be a birder without being a geek."
Outdoor Afro: "Where black people and nature meet"
The Vigorous North: Nature in the inner city.

Nature and Outdoors - for Kids
Nature for Kids: encouragement and ideas for parents.
Handbook of Nature Study: using the outdoors as a classroom.
...see also our post on Great Websites for Getting Kids Into Nature.

Nature and Outdoors - Personal

Wild About Nature: outdoor experiences of Kenton and Rebecca in Wisconsin
The Blog of Henry David Thoreau: selections from his journal, by date
Marcia Bonta: longer monthly posts from a wonderful nature writer
Spicebush Log: Nature observations from NH, named after one of our favorite bushes.
A Passion for Nature: from western NY.

Foraging and Bushcraft

Fat of the Land: Based in the NW, but enough overlap with our plants to keep it interesting
Skills for Wild Lives: Making things and eating in the wild
Natural Pathways: Bushcraft from the UK that seems oddly relevant here.

Photography and Art

Photo Naturalist: tips for digital nature photography
Nature's Best: website of the photography magazine.
Sketching in Nature: invitation-only posts of art featuring nature

...see also the Nature Blog Network, which lists hundreds more blogs.

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