Non Local Blogs We Enjoy

Blogs We Enjoy From Outside DC

Some other sites you might like if you like the Natural Capital.  Also see our list of local blogs.

Nature and Outdoors – General

Tree Notes: Excellent writing about various native tree species
The Backyard Arthropod Project: One guys’ attempt to catalog the bugs in his yard.
Round Robin: A blog from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.
Cornell Mushroom Blog: “A place for fungi to share their stories.”
A DC Birding Blog: Is now written from New Jersey, but is still about birds.
Jeffrey Gordon: photographs and blogs about birds from Delaware.
This Week at Hilton Pond: natural history from SC.
Birdchick: “You can be a birder without being a geek.”
Outdoor Afro: “Where black people and nature meet”
The Vigorous North: Nature in the inner city.

Nature and Outdoors – for Kids
Nature for Kids: encouragement and ideas for parents.
Handbook of Nature Study: using the outdoors as a classroom.
…see also our post on Great Websites for Getting Kids Into Nature.

Nature and Outdoors – Personal

Wild About Nature: outdoor experiences of Kenton and Rebecca in Wisconsin
The Blog of Henry David Thoreau: selections from his journal, by date
Marcia Bonta: longer monthly posts from a wonderful nature writer
Spicebush Log: Nature observations from NH, named after one of our favorite bushes.
A Passion for Nature: from western NY.

Foraging and Bushcraft

Fat of the Land: Based in the NW, but enough overlap with our plants to keep it interesting
Skills for Wild Lives: Making things and eating in the wild
Natural Pathways: Bushcraft from the UK that seems oddly relevant here.

Photography and Art

Photo Naturalist: tips for digital nature photography
Nature’s Best: website of the photography magazine.
Sketching in Nature: invitation-only posts of art featuring nature

…see also the Nature Blog Network, which lists hundreds more blogs.

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